Divine Kingdom Solutions

Make the Connection..Mind, Body & Spirit

Divine Kingdom Solutions is here to coach, empower, and educate the world by using Kingdom principles, custom made prayer pillows, fitness, body therapies, relaxation, and nutrition to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Divine Kingdom Solutions' mission is to help people make the connection by using the Word of God which includes Kingdom concepts by applying them to everyday life situations. We use these principles combined with fitness for a strong body, nutrition for health in order to fuel the body, along with body treatments and relaxation for alleviating physical and mental stress, and prayer to strengthen your spirit .
Too often we are strong spiritually but not physically. Or we are strong physically but not spiritually or mentally. God wants us to have balance in our lives in all three areas..mind, body, and spirit in order to fulfill our purpose! Let Divine Kingdom Solutions help you walk in victory and make the connection!