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Take Flight!

Michelle Moore

Now you see it! Now you don't?
I was watching an airplane as it went up into the sky. I saw it go up but it disappeared right before my eyes into the clouds. I couldn't see it any more with my natural eyes but I knew it was in the sky and would come back down at its appointed destination and time. What is it God said or showed you that you are waiting on? Trust Him and stand solely on His Word. Not on what you feel or even on what others are saying or doing that's contrary to it! No one can stop what God has in store for you. What's for you is for you! Now you see it..now you dont? Oh, it's there. You have to know, that you know, that you know! It's there just like the chair you sit in. You know it's there so you sit down without question most of the time without even looking. We trust the pilots and their expertise to get us safely to our destinations. Can you trust God more than a pilot, plane or chair? He is omnipresent and all knowing. I encourage you to walk by faith and not by sight without question! When praises go up blessings come down. Just as that plane went up, take your praise up! Take your worship up! Take your prayers up! Take your study of the Word of God up! Take flight!! Without question trust that what God has for you is for you and arriving right on time!